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Example PDFs

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Here are some example PDFs created using PDF Printer Free.. You will notice that all Hyperlinks and bookmarks are clickable in these PDFs. The page numbers on the tables of contents are clickable as well. 1. Example of Unencrypted PDF: PDF Icon :: [Click here to view it.] :: 2. Example of Encrypted PDF with everything disabled: (high quality printing, low quality printing, copy & paste, etc are all disabled) PDF Icon :: [Click here to view it.] :: 3. Example of Encrypted PDF with password 123456 required for viewing: (again, high quality printing, low quality printing, copy & paste, etc are all disabled) PDF Icon :: [Click here to view it.] ::

You need a PDF reader to view PDFs on your computer. Adobe PDF Reader

Questions and Answers

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Q: What computers does PDF Printer work on? A: All versions of Windows since Windows 2000. It even works on Windows 32bit and 64bit.

Q: What documents can PDF Printer work on? A: You can create a PDF file from any Windows application that has a File -> Print menu in it. For hyperlinks, bookmarks and tables of contents to be clickable you need to launch PDF Printer from the Ms-Office toolbar. It works with MS-Office since Office 2000 however there is no multimedia support in Office 2000.

Q: Will my links be clickable in the PDF files created? A: There are two types of links.. Plain Text links are text in the format of a Url. eg: http://PdfPrinter.com Hyperlinks display one piece of text but when clicked on will open a different Url. eg: Click Here

All plain text links will be clickable in your PDF no matter what application you use to send your document to PDF Printer for conversion. Hyperlinks will be clickable if you launch PDF Printer from MS-Office Word via the 'PDF Printer' toolbar button.

Q: Will my clickable images be clickable in the PDF files created? A: Yes, your clickable images will still be clickable in the PDFs created.

Q: How about Bookmarks and Tables of Contents? A: Yes these will all be clickable in your PDF if you launched PDF Printer from the Ms-Word toolbar button.

Q: What do the PDF Printer toolbar buttons look like in Ms-Word? A: It looks different depending on the version you have installed. For example:
Office 2003.. PDF Printer Word 2003 Office 2007.. PDF Printer Word 2007

Q: What versions of MS-Office does it work with? A: All versions since Office 2000 until the current release.

Q: Does it work with custom paper sizes? A: Yes. PDF Printer is the only PDF converter that will create your PDF in any custom paper size, eg: Business Cards. Not even Adobe Acrobat Pro does this. Try it.. Acrobat Pro will create your business card in Letter or A4 size.

Q: Why are some of the tabs disabled? A: The most common features people need for PDF Converters are creation, security and document merging. You get all this in PDF Printer Free. Some people need more 'bells and whistles', eg: embeddeding audio and video in their PDFs.. so we created [PDF Printer Pro] for this. The disabled tabs in PDF Printer Free show you what you get in [PDF Printer Pro].

Q: Is there a Server version? A: Yes, you can [click here] to find out more.

Q: Why is PDF Printer Free actually FREE? A: There are many PDF converters to choose from all of various quality and pricing. We created PDF Printer Free to be one of the best free PDF converters available today. We hope you like it (many people do!) and [let us know] if you have any suggestions for improvements.

Q: What is Ghostscript? A: Ghostscript is the free open source engine that actually does the conversion from Postscript to PDF for PDF Printer. PDF Printer searches your Word document for Hyperlinks, bookmarks and tables of contents, sends the printed 'postscript' to Ghostscript then applies all your settings, document merging and security to the PDFs created and also makes your links, bookmarks and tables of contents clickable.

Q: Where do I download Ghostscript from? A: You can download the 32bit version or the 64bit version.. [Click here] for the 32bit version [Click here] for the 64bit version

Q: How do I get support? A: We paid a lot of money for a helpdesk script so we like to use it as much as possible.. please contact us [by clicking here].

Memory Loss? It Remembers Your Settings For You

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Screenshot of the 'Welcome' Tab Most PDF converters make you enter the same information again and again every time you create a PDF. This is repetitive, frustrating and a waste of time.

Save time by automating these repetitive tasks. Store your PDF settings into different profiles to be used again at any time.

Q: How many profiles can I create? A: As many as you like. You can also remove profiles that are no longer needed.

Q: Can I change a profiles' settings and not save these changes? A: Sure, just uncheck the 'auto-save' checkbox before changing your settings.

Q: How does 'Auto-Save' work? A: As soon as you change a setting it's value is automatically saved in the current profile for you.

Merge Many PDFs and Documents into One PDF

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Screenshot of the 'Metadata' Tab Easily merge content from different sources, documents and even existing PDF files into one new PDF. You also save money on expensive PDF tools by rearranging the order of your merged documents from inside PDF Printer before converting the documents to PDF.

Quickly find your PDFs by including your name as well as subject, title and keywords in your PDFs. This will save a lot of hassle later on and looks more professional to your clients that can see this information in their PDF reader software.

Q: How many documents can I merge at a time? A: As many as you like. There are of course computer memory limits but we have converted documents up to 1 Gigabyte in size without problem - the computer was begging for mercy but the PDF was created in the end. That's what they're for right?

Q: How can I rearrange the documents? A: Simply select the document in the list and click the 'Move Up' or 'Move Down' button

Q: How can I search for PDFs containing my name or subject or keywords? A: Google have a desktop search tool that indexes everything on your hard drive including PDFs. You can use that but don't forget to download PDF Printer ;)

Protect Yourself (and your PDFs!) From Thieves

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Screenshot of the 'Security' Tab Protect your hard work and investment by deterring would-be thieves from stealing, butchering and sharing your PDF content without your knownledge or permission. Encrypting the contents of your PDF documents is a lot like locking your car.. people may find a way to break in but the lock is an effective deterrant and slows down thieves considerably.

Protect your PDFs the way you want with fine control using 8 differnet security settings as well as password protection and security strength settings.

Q: Why are there two password boxes? A: The first box is for the password that the user needs to enter before they can open or read your PDF. You will need to provide this password to your readers but expect some extra support from people that lose their passwords, type them in incorrectly or don't like using passwords to read a PDF.
The second box is for the password you need if you ever want to change or remove the security settings in your PDF in the future. We have an inexpensive tool named 'Pdf Locker' at PdfLocker.com that you can use to change your PDF security settings at any time.

Q: How do I stop people from copy & pasting my PDF text? A: Make sure the 'Allow Content Copy & Paste' checkbox is unchecked

Q: What the heck are Annotations? A: PDF documents can contain special markup such as shout boxes, drawings or forms. These things can be modified using a copy of Adobe Acrobat Pro (costs around $300) unless you disallow it. Allowing modification of annotations is generally not recommended, its kind of like handing a can of gasoline and matches to a kid.

Q: Why should I care about screen readers? A: People with sight difficulties use various pieces of software and hardward to make it easier for them to read your PDF documents. These devices are known as screenreaders. They sound great but they alos make it easier for a hacker to copy the contents of your PDF.
You need to make a decision between allowing sight impaired people read your document or giving hackers an easy time. This is your mission Bond whether you like it or not. Thanks Adobe!

Q: Why would I disable printing? A: Because printing an encrypted PDF to a PDF Converter (such as PDF Printer) will create a new unencrypted PDF with no security in it. Yes, the new PDF will be an exact replica of your old PDF but completely unsecured.
Of course you'll always have people that like to print everything out (who care about rain forests right?) because they like to 'read' printed material rather than 'read' from a computer screen.

Share Your PDFs With The World.. or Not

Screenshot of the 'Share' Tab Publish your PDFs online in a snap. Easily share your work with the world or to a select few using password protected URLs. We can host your PDFs for you (if you want) at our sister website PdfHost.com. PDF Printer can upload your new PDFs for you automatically and store them under the category of your choosing. You will need a PdfHost.com login username and password before you can share your PDFs.

*Coming soon. PdfHost.com is nearing completion.

Save Space and Time

Screenshot of the 'Actions' Tab There was no room to put these additional features anywhere else so we put them here. *Save space by having your new PDFs compressed for you automatically *Save time by opening your new PDFs in your PDF viewer or attaching them to a new E-Mail message automatically *Hide pages you do not want shown to your readers but need to keep in your original documents. This is perfect for those that need to censor, protect or remove sensitive information from some people but need to make it available to others. *Use relative links in your PDFs so that it's easy to change the domain of all your links in one place when needed. For example, if all your links begin with http://www.Datagenn.com then you can set your base-Url to: http://www.Datagenn.com This means that all your relative links (eg: /home or /news or any url you like) will start with http://www.Datagenn.com when clicked on.

No Registration Required

Screenshot of the 'About' Tab Update your copy to the latest build with one click for free or upgrade to [PDF Printer Pro]. We are constantly working on this product, making it better, increasing performance, and making changes requested by you. You benefit from all this hard work by clicking the 'Check for Updates' link and downloading the latest build at no cost at all. Best of all, you do not need to remember any license keys as PDF Printer Free does not require registration.
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