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Profiles :
  • Save your settings into profiles to save time and hassle
  • Create multiple profiles for different job types
  • 1 Click removal of unwanted profiles
  • Automatically saves your settings if needed
  • No fields (except doc info) prefilled when you do not want to recall any settings
Document Information:
  • Set document title
  • Set document author
  • Set document subject
  • Set document keywords
Merge multiple documents into one PDF:
  • Combine different file types (doc, pdf, txt, rtf, etc) into one PDF
  • Rearrange the order of merged documents
  • 1 Click removal of merged documents
  • Merge existing PDFs into one new PDF
Security Settings:
  • Encrypt contents using 40bit (low) or 128bit(high) encryption
  • Change security settings in your PDF later using [PDF Locker].
  • Set a password to view your PDF
  • Allow/Deny content modification
  • Allow/Deny high quality printing
  • Allow/Deny low quality printing
  • Allow/Deny copy & paste
  • Allow/Deny annotation modification
  • Allow/Deny content modification
  • Allow/Deny screen readers
  • Allow/Deny document assembly
  • Allow/Deny form filling
Other settings :
  • Compress your new PDF to optimal size
  • Set PDF version 1.4, 1.5, 1.6, 1.7
  • Open new PDF immediately in your PDF viewer
  • Attach new PDF immediately to new E-Mail message
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