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Save Space and Time

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Screenshot of the 'Actions' Tab There was no room to put these additional features anywhere else so we put them here. *Save space by having your new PDFs compressed for you automatically *Save time by opening your new PDFs in your PDF viewer or attaching them to a new E-Mail message automatically *Hide pages you do not want shown to your readers but need to keep in your original documents. This is perfect for those that need to censor, protect or remove sensitive information from some people but need to make it available to others. *Use relative links in your PDFs so that it's easy to change the domain of all your links in one place when needed. For example, if all your links begin with http://www.Datagenn.com then you can set your base-Url to: http://www.Datagenn.com This means that all your relative links (eg: /home or /news or any url you like) will start with http://www.Datagenn.com when clicked on.

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