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Merge Many PDFs and Documents into One PDF

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Screenshot of the 'Metadata' Tab Easily merge content from different sources, documents and even existing PDF files into one new PDF. You also save money on expensive PDF tools by rearranging the order of your merged documents from inside PDF Printer before converting the documents to PDF.

Quickly find your PDFs by including your name as well as subject, title and keywords in your PDFs. This will save a lot of hassle later on and looks more professional to your clients that can see this information in their PDF reader software.

Q: How many documents can I merge at a time? A: As many as you like. There are of course computer memory limits but we have converted documents up to 1 Gigabyte in size without problem - the computer was begging for mercy but the PDF was created in the end. That's what they're for right?

Q: How can I rearrange the documents? A: Simply select the document in the list and click the 'Move Up' or 'Move Down' button

Q: How can I search for PDFs containing my name or subject or keywords? A: Google have a desktop search tool that indexes everything on your hard drive including PDFs. You can use that but don't forget to download PDF Printer ;)

2 Responses to “Merge Many PDFs and Documents into One PDF”

  1. jimmy Says:

    I am not able to merge PDF Files even after reinstalling the software/s twice. Please help.

  2. Sean Kelly Says:

    Hi Jimmy, to merge PDF files you:

    1. launch the program as usual, leave it open and do not click any buttons
    2. then from Ms-Word open your next document
    3. click the Ms-Word toolbar button to convert to PDF
    4. the already-running PDF Printer will now show both documents in the files list and will create a merged PDF.

    You can use this technique to even merge and combine existing PDF files or even different document types.

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