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Memory Loss? It Remembers Your Settings For You

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Screenshot of the 'Welcome' Tab Most PDF converters make you enter the same information again and again every time you create a PDF. This is repetitive, frustrating and a waste of time.

Save time by automating these repetitive tasks. Store your PDF settings into different profiles to be used again at any time.

Q: How many profiles can I create? A: As many as you like. You can also remove profiles that are no longer needed.

Q: Can I change a profiles' settings and not save these changes? A: Sure, just uncheck the 'auto-save' checkbox before changing your settings.

Q: How does 'Auto-Save' work? A: As soon as you change a setting it's value is automatically saved in the current profile for you.

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  1. AnnaHopn Says:

    pdfprinter.com - da best. Keep it going!

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